JoAnne Chitwood's gift for creating an effective and sensitive connection with her video audience, is even more enhanced during her personal grief and end of life care seminar presentations. JoAnne combines her extensive personal experience as a hospice nurse and counselor with her open, genuine personality to create a trusting seminar group environment for healing and sharing emotions. She has traveled extensively throughout the USA and US Virgin Islands delivering a variety of well-received seminars and workshops. She, and Border Mountain staff members Ralph Wyman and Lyla Swafford, will deeply touch your hearts and softly open up your inner grief for healing. The following seminar topics are available for presentation. You can find registration information and currently scheduled seminars on our Registration page.

NEW! "Seven Secrets to Excellence in End of Life Care" JoAnne is offering personal training for administrator's and caregiver staff of nursing homes, Assisted Living Facilities, and inpatient Hospice centers. This training will increase your staff morale, nurture and support your patient's and their families, and create a new environment of excellence in your facility. Course content and total training time of up to seven weeks is custom designed for each facility and staggered to reach the staff on all your shifts. Contact JoAnne directly at to discover what "Seven Secrets to Excellence in End Of Life Care" can do for you and your organization.

  • Letting Go of Fear - Current losses and issues may well trigger pain fears left over from childhood experiences of neglect and physical or emotional child abuse. Click Here for more details on this popular seminar.

  • Why Do I Do What I Don't Want to Do? - Emotional and spiritual healing for those who have felt the defeat of trying to change by doing the same old thing over and over. For additional information click Here.

  • Write Your Journey - "Hands on" personal memoir techniques in creating, editing, and marketing your own life experience while enriching your personal healing journey. Click Here for more information.

  • Healing After Loss - Support, encouragement, and guidance to those grieving the loss of a loved one. Based on JoAnne's book (reviewed on our Resource Books page).

  • Journey of the Heart - JoAnne tells her own personal gripping story as part of this presentation on Grief and Loss. Based on her popular book (reviewed on our Resource Books page).

  • Seven Secrets to Excellence in End Of Life Care - For any healthcare volunteer or provider that is looking to increase their confidence and their ability to provide effective care to end of life patients. Click Here for more details.

  • Caring For You - Strategies for preventing and healing "Burnout" - appropriate for all staff and volunteers. Expands upon the material presented in the final DVD of the My Gift: Myself Core Program training materials.

  • My Gift: Myself, Excellence In End Of Life Care - Designed for Hospice volunteers, this presentation expands upon the My Gift: Myself Core Program training materials to include personal experiences and enhanced group activities.

Hospitals, churches, schools, and organizations can have Border Mountain staff present any of these workshops at your facility.