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Complete End of Life Care Training

Everything a nurse needs to know to provide care to a patient at end of life is included in this comprehensive 348 page 8.5x11 volume. The new "My Gift: Myself For Nurses" manual also provides information for preparing for and taking the CHPN exam to receive hospice nurse certification. Covering a wealth of information a nurse needs to know about hospice and palliative care, this resource is unparalleled in the industry today. Using the four basic learning styles in presenting information, this learning module appeals to all parts of the brain and makes information more accessible and easy to retain.

Each chapter of My Gift: Myself For Nurses is divided into four learning modules;

"Just the Facts, Please..." covers the factual information about the topic,
"At the Heart of the Matter" explores emotional content,
"Putting it Into Practice" digs into the practical aspects of the material and
"A Closer Look" zeros in on more detailed content.

Also available is a specialized DVD for nurses to accompany the manual; "Passing the CHPN Exam, Strategies for Success".

My Gift: Myself for Nurses materials cover:
• symptom and pain management
• principles of communication with dying patients, families and fellow team members
• spiritual care from a nursing perspective
• principles of grief and loss
• burnout prevention and good self care
Also included in this 348 page manual, is information for patient and family teaching, special information on suggested drugs and interventions for a variety of symptoms and a section on preparing for and passing the CHPN examination. The basic series of seven DVDs, My Gift: Myself, compliments and expands on the topics covered in this manual.

My Gift:Myself for Nurses manuals and the CHPN Preparation DVD's  are now available for order.

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CMN2D My Gift: Myself For Nurses PDF Download of manual (size 5M)   - $19.95
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CMN20 My Gift: Myself For Nurses 10 Manuals - $619.95
SDVD31 Passing the CHPN Exam: Strategies for Success DVD - $75.00
CDVD1 Core Program: My Gift: Myself, A Guide To Excellence In End Of Life Care - 7 DVD set $495.95