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Healing After Loss/Journey of the Heart

NOTE: "Journey of the Heart" was newly revised in Sept 2018 and it's accompanying Leaders Guide is still under revision. There are limited quantities of the original "Healing After Loss" manuals and Leaders Guides still available.

Created for use in bereavement groups, these workbooks are valuable as self-guided healing tools as well. They gently move participants through the seven stages of the grief process, and offer tools for transitioning into a place of strength, broadened perspective, hope and renewel. Although both programs cover the same material, "Healing After Loss" is a spiritually rich guide with a strong Christian and Bible based emphasis, while the "Journey of the Heart" material was designed to be spiritually neutral.

Combined with their Leader's Guides, these programs are beneficial for all types of grief and bereavement support groups. Lay persons as well as counselors will find the Leader's Guide a valuable tool in facilitating your group. Workshop participants will cover the following information as they work through the pain of losing a loved one:

  • Understanding Loss examines the ways that loss is a wound.
  • Nature's Anesthetic takes a closer look at shock and denial and how to cope.
  • The Many Faces of Anger reveals the necessity of the anger phase of grief and how to make this stage of the healing process work for the griever in positive ways.
  • Making a Deal with God explores the bargaining phase of grief and the opportunities it offers for personal growth and greater healing.
  • In the Valley of the Shadow reveals how to gain strength and perspective from the depression stage in the grief process.
  • The Ravages of Remorse deals with guilt feelings and the crippling effect they can have on the healing process.
  • Return to the Sunshine shows how to nurture hope and find renewal in the acceptance phase of grief.

The Leader's Guide provides practical guidance in facilitating the bereavement group using the materials. Information is included on how to:

  • Understand your role as a facilitator
  • Advertise and prepare for your group
  • Create a warm, welcoming, safe environment for your group members to process grief
  • Understand the needs of your group
  • Help your group deal with the crippling effects of guilt and remorse
  • Teach your group coping skills as they face shock and denial
  • Understand family systems
  • Cope with and understand the phase of anger
  • Make a commitment to the healing process
  • Gain strength and perspective from the depression stage of grief
  • Find healing in the confusion
  • Help a grieving child heal
  • Understand when it's time to refer a group member to a specialist
The Participant's Workbook for either "Healing After Loss" or "Journey of the Heart" is a very effective personal healing tool. It also makes a sensitive, caring gift for friends or loved ones that are dealing with loss. While a card, note, or poem will be forgotten in a short time, this gift will help that special person continue to heal over the long term.


journey book

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"Talk With Me About The End Of Life" by Brad Townsend MD

end of life book cover

My heart ached after the loss of my brother. It also aches after the loss of one of my patients. I feel not only for the patient but the family left behind. Many families have not gone through this dying process before. Therefore, I wrote this booklet to guide patients and family alike, to all who will listen. It is non-denominational in order to reach people of all faiths, and at a minimal cost so all could afford it 32 pages.

Border Mountain has a limited number of Dr Townsend's excellent book available in packs of five for minimal cost.

Patient Transfer Techniques Presented by Sherman Hong, PT

Sherman Hong, PT, very effectively demonstrates the safest and easiest ways to perform tub, wheelchair, bed, car and other transfers with a debilitated patient. In response to requests from hospice programs that wish to train home caregivers in the best ways to transfer and position their loved ones, we now provide Sherman's transfer technique instructional session on its own individual DVD. This material is also covered in Chapter 2 of the new My Gift: Myself, A Guide To Excellence In End OF Life Care.

Comfort Cub photoSpecial Product: The Comfort CubŪ is a therapeutic teddy bear that helps people to heal from the pain of a broken heart. It was created by a grieving mother, after the loss of her son, to help others who were also in need of comfort. This teddy bear is specially weighted and was originally intended to feel like holding a newborn. Since then, the Comfort Cub has been used to comfort anyone experiencing a loss of any kind. It has also been clinically proven to help alleviate the symptoms of grief. Border Mountain does not sell comfort cubs but you may visit their website by clicking Here

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