The specialty training materials for Physician's are still under development, and are expected to be available in 2017. The manual and DVD for the Physician Specialty module are meant to supplement the Core Program materials (My Gift: Myself, A Guide To Excellence In End Of Life Care), which are a prerequisite.

You are welcome to purchase the Core program material at this time (using purchase links below) and then add the Physician manual and DVD when they become available. We would be pleased to notify you when those materials are ready for distribution if you leave a request at our email address (Please specify that you are interested in purchasing the Physician's manual and/or DVD):

Ordering Information: For your protection, Border Mountain uses a secure PayPal ordering system. You do not need to have nor open a PayPal account to use a credit card to purchase our materials. Please see our Contact page for more detailed ordering and warranty information.

NOTE: All prices include shipping and handling to United States destinations.

CDVD1 Core Program: My Gift: Myself, A Guide To Excellence In End Of Life Care - 7 DVD set $495.95
CMV11 Hospice Volunteer Manual (each) $49.95
SMN16 Physician's Specialty module - Single Manual $29.95 Under Development
SDVD16 Physician's Specialty module - Single DVD $94.95 Under Development