My Gift: Myself is now available for online training!

1. All the benefits of this much respected Medicare approved hospice volunteer training can now be accessed online.

2. Let your volunteers train on their own time, at their own pace, in their own home or office.

3. As a volunteer coordinator your organization will have a free branded training site where you can select My Gift: Myself, and over 1500 other online training programs to present to your volunteer and professional staff. Monitor your students progress, check test scores, and have complete records of their training right at your fingertips.

4. Our online training is presented through, one of the largest online learning management systems. In addition to our hospice volunteer training you and your organization can take advantage of a world of other courses offered at Coggno in subject areas like Human Resources, Health, Safety, Management, and many others. We researched dozens of potential online training partners before we chose Coggno as the best provider to present our My Gift: Myself training.

   With only slight modifications to fit the system of online training, your volunteers will watch the same video presentations & interviews that are included in the 7 DVD set and view the same 270 page manual used in the My Gift: Myself classroom training. Volunteers must pass 7 exams with an 80% score to receive their final certificate.

   Included with the online training is a downloadable PDF with reference material and repeated important course information that your volunteers will want to have access to as they start their hospice career. They also will download and print an exercise booklet so they can complete the many journaling, drawing, and question exercises that are part of the popularity and success of the My Gift: Myself training. We recommend that volunteer coordinators require their volunteers to complete and submit this exercise booklet after their online training. The personal introspection and enhanced awareness of the end-of-life circumstances that these exercises create, are a very important part of the course's ability to create self confidence and increased patient empathy within your volunteers.

Your Free Training site information from can be viewed Here

The My Gift: Myself online training was adapted by HiRes Productions, the same production company that filmed and produced the 7 DVD's for the classroom training. To view a 6 minute free preview of the online training please click Here and click "Start Now" on the free preview course. If you would like to purchase and take the online course without creating a university training site for your organization first, you may do so by selecting the course link below and clicking "Add to Cart". Purchases for courses are made through Coggno's secure online training website. Volume discounts for the volunteer training courses are available.

SALE: For a limited time the course is being reduced from $39.00 to $19.95 (Bulk discounts at $14.95) Click on this Purchase link to take the course.