The completely refilmed editions of the My Gift: Myself, A Guide to Excellence in End Of Life Care, were published starting in March 2011. All the new materials are ordered by selecting the appropriate specialty page in our menu to the left. If you need training manuals or replacement materials for earlier versions you may locate and order them below. If you still have the original VHS editions and need replacement video tapes, please contact our office to see if we still have any in stock. For your convenience and security, we use PayPal payment processing. You do not have to own nor open a PayPal account to make a credit card purchase.

Although many of the same subjects and effective training methods are used, the new material has been so extensively revised that none of the older manuals and guides printed before May 2011 are able to be used with the new My Gift: Myself 7 DVD sets. If you have the older "Core Manual and Volunteer Supplement" Manuals (published from May 2011 up to July 2013), you can use them with the new version 2.1 of the My Gift Myself 7 DVD sets but references that the DVD training makes to the page numbers in the manual will not exactly match. The new version 2.1 My Gift: Myself 7 DVD sets have been distributed since August 2013 and are designed to be used with the new Hospice Volunteer Manual which was released at the same time and replaced the "Core Manual and Volunteer Supplement" Manual.

NOTE: We no longer have any printed copies of the original version of the Volunteer Manuals (published up to May 2011). 

All prices include shipping and handling to United States destinations.

MS07 Replacement DVD for My Gift: Myself Original Version (published up to May 2011) $75.00 each (call to confirm availability)
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