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**NEW!: The My Gift: Myself For Caregivers manual is now available for purchase as a book or download using the purchase links below. This manual closely follows the My Gift: Myself hospice volunteer training, but is specifically targeted for CNA caregivers in LTCF's or SNF's who want to improve their knowledge and delivery of care to end-of-life patients and residents.

"Seven Secrets to Excellence in End of Life Care" JoAnne is offering personal training for administrator's and caregiver staff of nursing homes, Assisted Living Facilities, and inpatient Hospice centers. This training will increase your staff morale, nurture and support your resident's and their families, and create a new environment of excellence in your facility. Course content and up to 7 weeks training is custom designed for each facility and staggered to reach the staff on all your shifts. Contact JoAnne at bordermountain@msn.com to discover what "Seven Secrets to Excellence in End Of Life Care" can do for you and your organization.

For over a decade, over a thousand hospice programs have relied on JoAnne Chitwood's My Gift: Myself Medicare compliant training program to educate staff and volunteers in providing compassionate care for the terminally ill patient. Now, with the revised and completely refilmed new version of My Gift: Myself, A Guide To Excellence In End Of Life Care, you, as a long term care facility, have specific end of life care training available for your staff. In these DVD's and their accompanying manuals, your staff will learn cutting edge techniques in providing care for your residents in the last six months of their lives. Although the new My Gift: Myself for Caregivers manual is designed to be a standalone training tool, it is strongly recommended that each facility have one copy of the 7 DVD My Gift: Myself videos also available for their administration and staff. The DVD's include over 6 hours of compelling interviews, exercises, and instructor training that greatly enhances and expands upon the material presented in the manual.

The upcoming Long Term Care Facilitator's DVD  and manual will include interviews with long term care administrators that have successfully created this culture of excellence in their facilities, wowing residents and families with their friendly, open, compassionate, and skilled care. Their message to you is this: "You Can Do This Too!" Learn the secrets they are now sharing about how to bring this transformation about in your own facility.

The Long Term Care Facilitator's Manual and DVD will provide:
  • Guidance in training your staff with practical applications in good leadership strategies
  • Specific ways in which you, as the management team, set the tone for how your residents will be cared for
  • Strategies for creating a culture of excellence in end of life care that will set your facility apart.

The specialty training materials for long term care facilitators are being produced and are expected to be available in 2018. Until these resources are completed, the Hospice Volunteer Coordinator's Manual is an excellent resource for training with the caregivers manual.

You are welcome to purchase the Caregivers Manual, Core DVD My Gift: Myself Program and Hospice Volunteer Coordinator Manuals at this time using purchase links below. We would be pleased to notify you when the Facilitator's Manual and DVD as well as the Long term care staff DVD are ready to ship if you leave a request at our email address: bordermountain@msn.com (Please specify that you are interested in purchasing long term care facility specialty module materials).

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CDVD1 Core Program: My Gift: Myself, A Guide To Excellence In End Of Life Care - 7 DVD set $495.95 
SMN12D My Gift: Myself For Caregivers Single manual pdf file for download $14.99 Note: this is a single pdf download
SMN12 My Gift: Myself For Caregivers - Single student manual Normally $42.95 SALE PRICE $32.95
SMN120 My Gift: Myself For Caregivers - 10 Manuals (See above) $319.95
SMN1200 My Gift: Myself For Caregivers - 100 Manuals (See above) $3000.00
SMN21 Hospice Volunteer Coordinator's Manual (May be substituted for the Long Term Care Facilitator's Manual until it is available for order) $62.95 
SDVD12 Long term care staff DVD $94.95 Under Development
SMN22 Long Term Care Facilitator's Manual $82.95 Under Development
SDVD22 Long Term Care Facilitator's DVD $94.95 Under Development