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** Online Training for Volunteers Is Now Available! - See the Hospice Online Training page.

For over a decade, more than a thousand hospice programs have relied on JoAnne Chitwood's My Gift: Myself Medicare compliant training program to educate staff and volunteers in providing compassionate care for the terminally ill patient facing end of life. Now, with the revised and completely refilmed new version, your staff and volunteers will learn cutting edge techniques for providing care to your patients in the last six months of their lives. The Hospice Volunteer Manual required for each student, has now been consolidated into one 272 page manual with information, exercises, and Skill Checks. The Hospice Volunteer Coordinator's Manual provides guidance in training your staff and vounteers with practical applications in good leadership strategies. Learn specific ways in which you, as the management team, set the tone for how your patients will be cared for. A Preview of the DVD videos, these two manuals, and a new "Director's Cut" commentary are located on the Core Program page.

** Preview Pack Now Available! Experience My Gift: Myself for less than the cost of a single manual! - The Preview Pack contains one Hospice Volunteer Manual (272 pgs) and the entire first DVD of the seven DVD training series. This allows your organization to see how the actual classroom training is presented during the first chapter of My Gift: Myself series, and view the printed material used in the next 6 classes. Order the Preview Pack below and qualify for two Free gifts if you order a Bonus Package of the rest of your minimum training materials. The Bonus Package includes the remaining six Core Program DVD's, a Coordinator's Manual, 10 Hospice Volunteer Manuals, one additional Free Hospice Volunteer Manual, and a Free "Journey Of the Heart" participant's manual.

Minimum training materials required to set up a new program in your facility would be:

  • 7 DVD Core Program set
  • One Hospice Volunteer Manual for each student to be trained
  • Hospice Volunteer Coordinator's Manual

Evaluation Forms: Are available at the end of our Hospice Vollunteer Coordinator's Manual or for download on our FAQ page.

“We looked at everything available on the market this year,” says Dianne Garnett, BSW, Administrator of WillowBrook Hospice in Franklin, TN.
though we’ve been using your materials successfully for a decade, we wanted to make sure we had the best available. So I had my volunteer coordinator examine everything out there for training volunteers. She spent weeks, then came back to me with the My Gift: Myself volunteer training manual in her hands.
'Nothing can beat this,’ she said. ‘It’s head and shoulders better than any of the others.’
“Needless to say, we’re sticking with it,” says Garnett with a smile.

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