2017 - How does the Online Training work?
All the online training was adapted by our film production company; HiRes Productions. Essentially the online training is the same as our classroom training (Purchasing a DVD set and Volunteer manual for each student) with slight adaptations to match the online training system. The online course is purchased, presented, and supported through Coggno.com, an online learning management system. You may purchase individual courses from Coggno.com for yourself or have your volunteers purchase them individually by selecting the links at the bottom of the Hospice Online Training page. Your organization may also create a free branded (which means the training website your students see will display your organization logo) training site for your volunteers and professional staff through Coggno.com (see link on the Hospice Online Training page for further information). Once your organization has a training site it purchases courses from Coggno that it wants to provide for its volunteers or employees. The courses you purchase come from over 1500 offered by Coggno and are not limited to just "My Gift Myself". Once you have purchased courses, you invite which volunteer or employee you want to take the course by sending them an email. You can observe the progress of each student in each course through your online training site account that you create at coggno.com. Your volunteers taking the online My Gift: Myself training must view each segment of the course and pass 7 exams to be issued a certificate of completion. They also receive a downloadable pdf with reference material that will be useful to them in their first year of volunteering. As a part of the course, Volunteers also download and print an exercise manual to complete the many varied exercises included in the course. We strongly urge volunteers to complete these exercises and suggest that volunteer coordinators require submission of each volunteer's completed exercise manual at the end of the course. We expect it will take 10-14 hours of online time for each student volunteer to view all the videos, read the online manual, and complete the exercises included in My Gift: Myself online course. For a free 6 minute preview of the online training, see the link on the Hospice Online Training page.

2011 - What happened to the previous website?
All the history, background, and benefit project information about Border Mountain is now located at it's home website www.bordermountain.org (History, Mission, Bipolar Awareness, Feature Film Projects, Charitable donations, and Camp David project). This site (bordermountain.com) contains all the new modular training program and seminar information and the on-line ordering information for all Border Mountain training and hospice/grief resources.

2012 -How is the new training different?
The new edition of My Gift: Myself A Guide to Excellence in End Of Life Care, is based on a modular training concept. The 7 DVD Core Program provides all the basic training and this is then supplemented with specialty modules for all types of different volunteer, care giver, and professional individuals. This system efficiently allows Border Mountain to offer Hospice and End Of Life Care training to a much larger range of programs and individuals than before. This also makes the specialty module training more highly focused and appropriate for each group.

How do I know what to order for myself or my facility training?
Please view the explanation of the My Gift: Myself A Guide to Excellence in End Of Life Care on the Core Program page, followed by the information on our Ordering page. Then select your facility or individual specialty program from the menu on the left of this webpage. That specialty page wil have order information that is specific for your program or individual needs. If you have any questions please check our Contact page and email or call us.

Do you have Evaluation Forms available?
Several evaluation forms are contained in your Volunteer Coordinator's Guide at the very end of the manual. Coordinators frequently use training evaluation forms completed by their volunteers as proof that Medicare required training was received by each volunteer. If you do not have a copy of the Volunteer Coordinator's Guide you may purchase one from our Hospice Volunteer Programs page or you may view pdf files by clicking on the appropriate links here:

Program Evaluation by Volunteer.pdf  (We also deeply appreciate Volunteer Coordinators that complete their own evaluation of our DVD training and student manuals and forward them to our mailing address on our Contact page)
Self Evaluation of a Training Session.pdf
Volunteer Evaluation by Cient Family.pdf
Volunteer Evaluation by Coordinator.pdf

When will my specialty materials be ready for distribution?
The Hospice Volunteer DVD Program: My Gift: Myself A Guide to Excellence in End Of Life Care, the Hospice Volunteer Manual, the Hospice Volunteer Coordinator's Manual, the My Gift: Myself for Nurses Manual, and the "Passing the CHPN Exam" dvd are completed. A manual for Caregivers (CNA's, LTCF and SNF staff) is completed and more training materials related to Long Term Care Facilities should be released by 2018, followed by the VA Healthcare and Prison system materials. All remaining specialty module materials are expected to be released later. There is a huge amount of information being created - with 20 New DVD's and 14 new guides, booklets, and manuals to be published. Due to such a large volume of production work we can only give approximate completion times.

Can I preorder materials that are not ready yet?
You can now order the Hospice Volunteer Manual, and then order the additional specialty materials or DVD's when they are ready. If you are waiting for materials to be available for purchase, please email us and let us know what specialty materials you need and we will email you back when they are ready for distribution. Email links are provided on each specialty page that has unpublished materials and on our Contact page.

Can I use my old Hospice Volunteer manuals and Leader's Guides with the new material:
Perhaps: although many of the same subjects and effective training methods are used, the new material has been so extensively revised that none of the older manuals and guides printed before May 2011 are able to be used with the new My Gift: Myself 7 DVD sets. If you have the older "Core Manual and Volunteer Supplement" Manuals (published from May 2011 up to July 2013), you can use them with the new version 2.1 of the My Gift Myself 7 DVD sets but references that the DVD training makes to the page numbers in the manual will not exactly match. The new version 2.1 My Gift: Myself 7 DVD sets have been distributed since August 2013 and are designed to be used with the new Hospice Volunteer Manual which was released at the same time and replaced the "Core Manual and Volunteer Supplement" Manual.

Can I still get replacement materials and manuals for my older versions of My Gift: Myself?
Yes, there is still a limited supply available of older version materials - as listed on our Older Versions page.

More Questions?
Please check our Contact page and call or email our corporate office.